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    Tableau 10 connection issue with data source excel-direct

    Aubrey Schrader

      I was very excited to get Tableau 10, and it worked OK  the first time or two I checked it out.  But now all of my data workbooks are having data connection issues.  When you try to open them  or work in them an error box pops up that says:


      An error occurred while communicating with the data source 'excel-direct.



      What does this mean?  Is there an issue with tableau or my network connection, or something else?  I can access the file in excel normally, and everything else on the network seems to work.  If you click show details it says something about (= string integer) but the workbook has always worked before upgrading, and even shortly after, and more than one are all doing this. 


      Can anyone point me in the right direction on the issue here, or what the errors are actually referring to?


      UPDATE:  This appears to be intermittent on some workbooks but not others.  Very frustrating to try to get work done