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    Changing X Axis on Seasonality Chart

    Barry Sheldon



      I've created a seasonality chart of daily data.  Essentially, what I've done is taken my data and for each date, made it the day of the year.  For example, January 1st would be 1 and December 31st would probably be 365.  I then chart several years of data on one chart with the X axis showing the day number (1-365).


      Any idea how to make the X axis show a rough estimate for month?  For example, 1-30 would be "Jan", 31-60 would be "Feb", 330-360 would be "Dec", etc.?  I've figured out how to do a calculated field that will give those values as a string, but I don't know how to make the X axis show that instead of the 1 through 365 that's currently showing.