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    TabJolt 100% errors on some views of a workbook - how to define a root cause?

    Irina Pashkova

      Hi there,


      I try to use Tabjolt to check if a workbook data source change from Vertica to Impala won't affect its performance and desperately need your help.


      After setting up the test environment and running a test I got only errors on all views of a tested workbook, but then I found a solution on this forum ('https://community.tableau.com/thread/178633' ) and changed "force login" to true. This helped partially.

      Now the majority of views of a workbook can be tested successfully, but some still produce 100% Error Rate. Please note that those views are successfully opened & operated in Tableau Web & Desktop, they do not have any special charts like maps.



      In jmeter_data relevant to the test run errors appear in groups of four (have the same group_id).

      Response CodeResponse Msg


      Failed to finish View Viz Test. Site: ; Workbook: ServerLogReporter_1; View: SystemAnalyticsByDevice; IsPublic: false;  Exception: java.lang.Exception: Server returned unexpected response code 404 during initSession
      600Login with desktop api success
      200ID null.
      0Error initializing view session null and exception Server returned unexpected response code 404 during initSession


      Test Run parameters:

      >go --t=testplans\ViewVizLoadTest.jmx --d=360 --c=1


      (I tried to use different test plan and increase test duration - it did not help).


      Tabjolt configuration:

      - there is just one view in vizpool.csv, like /views/ServerLogReporter_1/SystemAnalyticsByDevice

      - the default dataretriever.config file is used (only Tableau server IP was updated there, JMX metrics stay disabled)

      - there is just one user account used for testing, its credentials are specified in userpool.csv and ServerTestConfig.yaml


      Server Configuration:

      - 1st server running Tabjolt with

      Java 1.8.0_101 (x64)

      Postgres v9.4

      Server Windows Server 2012R2 v6.3 (Build9600), 16GB RAM and 6CPUs


      - 2nd server running Tableau Server v9.3.4 (x64), 32GB RAM and 4CPUs


      Please review the enclosed log and advise what additional checks/adjustments I may need to do to get a successful test run?

      Please let me know if you need some additional information to analyze the case.