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    Month after month graph control using two different parameter

    Shesil Parmar

      Hi all


      i have somewhat achieved with great help of Simon Runc (here is the link - Is it possible to store value from calculated field somewhere ?))


      the reason i have started another tread is the requirement has changed , i have achieved almost everything now, except one last thing which is driving me nuts !


      similar to my previous question, i'm still after month after month data, but there are different customer_IDs , so i need to control using parameter for customer_id and month

      for example if someone select customer_id 108 then it should display month after month graph for only last 12 months (the s/sheet i have attached will get new data every month !)

      now there is similar customer_id 108-001, 108-002 and 108-003, so it should also display when selected customer_id 108


      there is few more customer_id which have sub customer ids, the graph should look like this


      hope i'm not confusing !

      as always Big thank you