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    A few ways to build Web Data Connectors (WDC)

    paul katsen

      Hey team,


      I noticed building Web Data Connectors was still way too hard. So here's a short blog post explaining how to build WDCs really quickly: DIY Tableau Web Connectors. Should be useful for anyone that's repeatedly exporting data into Excel then Tableau.


      Note - each of the methods I included use Blockspring (a paid service), which handles the UI, hosting, and Tableau SDK parts of building a WDC.


      Including the 4 tutorial videos from the blog post below:


      OMDB Movie API as WDC in 10 lines of Python


      Using Prebuilt WDCs (no code)




      Create a WDC if you found a API URL (no code, only works for GET requests)


      Create a WDC that Collects Data over Time (eg collect daily fb shares for posts)