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    Conditional Subscriptions in Tableau 10.1 Beta

    Matt Coles

      Hey everybody. Welp, the day many of us been waiting for has finally arrived. The first 10.1 Beta of Tableau has been released, and with it, the Coming Soon page has been updated to show features that are planned for 10.1. While this doesn't guarantee that they'll make the 10.1 release, it does at least let you know that there is a real feature in the works, it's planned for 10.1, and we're ready for feedback on it.


      The exciting bit is that one of the new features planned is Conditional Subscriptions! Who'd have thought that a simple checkbox could be so lovely??



      This feature is very similar to the Simple Alerts feature that VizAlerts has included since its inception. We're very interested in your feedback, so please join the 10.1 Beta program and let us know what you think!



      There are some differences in the way that this new feature currently works and how VizAlerts works. At present, they are:


      • If you subscribe to a Dashboard, Conditional Subscriptions will check all views for data and send the email if data is present in any of them. VizAlerts only checks a single view (whichever comes first alphabetically).
      • Conditional Subscriptions will not attach the CSV data for the viz to the email it sends; VizAlerts will.
      • The Backgrounder processes on Tableau Server are used for this feature, just like standard Subscriptions, whereas VizAlerts, as an external tool, runs independently. Therefore, Admins may need to manage Schedule and Task priorities as appropriate to ensure that the Conditional Subscriptions are processed in a timely fashion.
        • However, a side benefit of this is that you can run these Conditional Alerts in parallel rather than one at a time, as VizAlerts currently does.


      While the Advanced Alert features that VizAlerts offers are not included in this feature, I'm hoping that it proves valuable to you all! If you have any other questions about how VizAlerts differs from this new feature, please feel free to ask in this thread.