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    Dynamic compute using - percentages within pane

    Kim Cataldo

      I've created a table where the user can determine which dimensions they want to appear in a view and the order in which they should be nested.  Attached is a sample workbook using superstore data containing 4 parameters that allow the user to build the view based on the dimensions they want to see.  Within each parameter is the option for "All" which basically means nothing is selected.


      My challenge is that I want to show percentages that are computed within each pane, but this only displays accurately when something is selected from the 4th (and last) parameter on the rows shelf.  Is there a way to tell Tableau that the percentages should be computed based on the pane of the 3rd (or 2nd or 1st) parameter, if the others are not showing any dimensions? 


      Using the attached workbook as an example, all of the percentages are displayed as 100% instead of the percent of delivery truck orders delivered to consumer customers.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!