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    Why tableau is not removing Users from All users when I remove AD group?

    Krunal Patel

      We just purchase tableau 10 and we are new to Tableau. I am having a following problem.

      I am adding AD group to the site I created, it adds all user that are in AD group but when I want to remove AD group, AD group gets removed but all users are still listed under All Users. I am syncing Tableau with AD directory every 15 minutes and still they are listed there and all users in AD group are still able to signing in into Tableau Site. Any suggestion what I need to do ?

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          Nathan Panuco

          Hi Krunal!


          This is actually expected behavior. Adding an AD Group adds all the users within that group however when the group is removed, that action does not remove the users in that group. To remedy this issue, you'll need to remove the users via the Tableau Server User Interface or using Tabcmd. See tabcmd Commands for more info.


          The below quote is from the Online Help Guide for Synchronize Active Directory Groups in a Site:

          What happens when an Active Directory group is removed from Tableau Server?

          Many Tableau administrators use Active Directory groups to import and create users. After the users are imported into Tableau Server, administrators will then delete the group in Tableau Server. Deleting a group does not delete the users in it.

          Thanks and hope this helps!