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    Query problem

    Austen Robinson

      I am using as my data set a workbook with 7 sheets.  I originally built a hierarchy and brought similar columns from the other 6 sheets into the hierarchy.  When I try to place a pill onto the row the query runs so long I have to start the task manager and delete the running instance of Tableau to stop it.


      I also have just tried dropping one column onto the column row and that does the same thing.  Whats up?

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          Tom W

          It could be a number of things; you have a lot of rows / columns in your dataset, you are creating joins / relationships between your sources and it's resulting in a complex calculation, you have a number of table calculations etc etc.


          Unfortunately your description alone is not enough to provide you with any real actionable insight. Can you upload a Tableau Packaged Workbook so we can take a look?

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            Austen Robinson

            I extracted it to a tde and used that as a data source.  Problem solved.