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    Possible to Edit .tds (Tableau Data Source) File?




      I can't seem to find the answer to this specific question anywhere online.


      I am using .tds files to save data connections as "templates" so others can use the same connections setup. This works great. However, if I want to make an update to the connection in the .tds file, it seems the only way to update it is saving over the existing .tds file with a data source in a Tableau Workbook.


      There is no way to "Edit" the .tds file right? When you double click on the .tds file it doesn't open a .tds file, it opens a new fresh Tableau Workbook using that .tds file. I just want to confirm there is no way to directly edit a .tds, you have to save over it using a Tableau Workbook.


      I guess you could edit the file directly in Notepad, but I want to make sure there is no "official" way to edit.


      Thank you,