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    Multiple values in tooltip


      I know there are lots of posts about this, but I am still struggling. I have a simple box plot and there are several instances of multiple institutions having the same value. I would like all the institutions to show up in the tooltip when the user hovers over the data point. For example, "R University" and "I University" both have the same data value of 11.0, but only one shows up in the tooltip. What is the most straightforward way for a beginner to get both institutions to appear in the tooltip? Thank you!


      PS: Is there a way yet to remove the automatic quartile and whisker info? My audience will not need this info. I am using 9.3.0

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          David Li

          Hi Laura! You're running into this issue because the points are actually overlapping, so when you mouse-over a point, it only shows the tooltip for the one on top.


          However, there really isn't a great way to display data for multiple aggregations in the same tooltip. As I'm sure you know, if you have a point that has multiple universities in it and you put ATTR([University Name]) into the tooltip, it'll just show as an asterisk (*).


          One potential solution is to create a bespoke second axis that might allow you to display the universities with the same value next to each other (so they don't overlap). Let me know if you might be interested in such a solution.

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            Hi David, thanks for the response. Yes, I think it might be worth giving that second axis a try. Sounds like this might be a little different than a dual-axis?

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              David Li

              Yes, very different. What you'll essentially be doing is using a unique rank to offset each of the institutions. The result looks like this:

              You can adjust the range of the Rank axis to make the box/whisker chart overlap the filled circles.


              To do this, I had to first use a LOD calculation to group up the institutions whose average of Measure 1 were the same. I added this calc to the Detail mark.

              { FIXED [Institution] : AVG([Measure 1]) }

              Then, I used RANK_UNIQUE to create the artificial X-axis you see above. Drop this calculation onto columns and compute along Institution.

              RANK_UNIQUE(AVG([Measure 1]))

              Voila! If this solution works for you, please mark it as correct so others can find it. Thanks!

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                Fantastic, that worked! Thanks for your help.

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                  David Li

                  You're very welcome!