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    How to reduce computing filter time taken?




      I have a dashboard where I have kept all the filters used in dashboard as global filters and most used filters I have put as context filters,

      The problem is the time taken to compute filters is about 1-2 minutes,please tell me how to reduce this time taken in computing these filters

      I have about 2 Million of extracted data, on Oracle with Tableau 9.3



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          Mahfooj Khan

          Try to aggregate your data at database level. If you're doing some complicated calculations in tableau then try to fine tune those calculations. If its possible then do those calculation in database level then connect in tableau. If possible reduce the filters from your dashboard so many filters can affect the performance of your dashboard. As you've mentioned you've put context on your dimensions. Putting filters on context takes time initially. Once done then it'll be faster execution.


          Try to put some data source filters if you're not showing your past data. Just show only relevant information. You can create some aggregated tables at database level like If your dashboard showing monthly then aggregate at monthly level something like that.

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