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    Rank Value as axis for a trend Graph

    keerthana kumar

      Hi All,


      Im Using Tableau 9.2

      My Scenario is below


      For Each Product show what is the sales when it happened 1st time 2nd time 3rd time so on...


      I have to plot a Line graph

      X Axis - Sales Record ...1,2,3(1st time purchase 2nd time purchase)...till what user wants to see end of axis chosen by user

      Y Axix -Sales Value

      Product Name in Colours

      Filters :State,Category,Date


      I have the data grid here, now i have no clue how to bring the number of purchase (Shown A Sales record)as axis in graph

      For Product "1.7 Cubic Foot Compact "Cube..." sales has happened 6 times till date

      "1/4 Fold Part Design invitation .." sales has happened 2 times


      Expected Output a Graph like below for "1.7 Cubic Foot Compact "Cube..."

      In the same graph i have to show "1/4 Fold Part Design invitation .." product sales line trend if chosen by user

      product graph.png