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    Calculated Fields


      Hi everyone,


      I am quite confused between this two calculated fields, what is the difference between putting the INT at the front or not having it at all?


      1: CASE [Subcategory] WHEN "aaa" THEN [Amount] END

      2: INT(CASE [Subcategory] WHEN "aaa" THEN [Amount] END)



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          Mahfooj Khan

          Could you please tell me the Data type of [Amount] field??

          I'm assuming its a numeric field as per the naming convention.


          Now come to your first case statement, If the condition ([Subcategory] = "aaa") matches then only you'll get the amount of that subcategory(aaa).


          Your second case is also doing the same but you're trying to convert the data type of resulted[Amount] of Subcategory(aaa) to integer. If the [Amount] field is already a numeric field then you'll get a data type conversion error.


          Hope you get my point.



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