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    Add multiple Excel sheets without joining them

    Gerardo Lopez

      How do I add multiple unjoined sheets from Excel into Tableau?  Prior to Tableau 10, I would create a new data connection, then add an individual sheet to that connection, repeating as many times as needed. 


      Now in v10, the behavior changes depending on where you click.  I now this is possible in Tableau 8, is this a bug, or am I doing this wrong in v10?


      From the data source tab, after adding the first sheet (Sheet1):


      Method 1.) If you click Data --> Duplicate Data Source, your data source will be renamed, but nothing else happens


      Method 2.) If you click Data --> New Data Source --> Select the same Excel file, nothing happens


      Method 3.) If you click “Add” (to the right of the “Connections” label) --> Excel --> Select the same file it will finally create a second data source.  However, what it really does is mirror the first connection.  This means that Sheet1 is already on the connection, without even having selected it.  If you remove sheet1 and replace it with Sheet2, then go back to the first connection, you will see that it mirrored your actions and sheet1 is replaced with sheet2.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.