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    Filters not showing all possible choices

    Austen Robinson

      Something strange with the attached workbook.  The filters are not showing all possibilities. The AVP only shows one but if you filter the attached workbook on YES on the Funnel30 column and scroll over to the left, there is more than one AVP.  Same with Segment.  What is causing this to happen?

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          Benjamin Greene

          That's Tableau's "Show More/Fewer" feature at work. Click the little filter settings arrow (top right corner next to the x) and select Customize > Show More/Fewer Button. Notice that a little icon with 3 horizontally stacked bars should appear next to the search icon (magnifying glass). You can click this button to toggle Show More/Fewer on and off. When it is set to Show More (all 3 bars highlighted), it will show all members in the filter list, no matter what. When it is set to Show Fewer (only the bottom bar highlighted), it will not show any values in the filter list that have null values for all of the data in the visualization. In this particular example, when Leader is set to Comi, Segment is set to Business and Stage is set to Proposal, Leary is the only AVP with non-null data, which is why that is the only member of the list.

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