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    Percent of Total value don't match between tabular sheet and graph vlaues



      The three fields below are “percent of total” expressed in percentages. I get the right values in table calculations when I have them in the cross tab or tabular sheet but not on the graph. I have an extra dimension on the graph “X axis time dims” which controls the time variable on the graph. For some odd reason the values that I am seeing on the graph are not a match to the one’s on the tabular (S-DP) sheet.  Graph is supposed to how the YTD values of the field dropped on the Graph sheet by the action filter from S-DP sheet. Once that is done, user has the option of switching the variables he wants to see. For now, we can use these three examples: Set 1 RN %Mix Graph, Set 1 ADR %Mix Graph, Set 1 Rev %Mix Graph which correspond to Variable Types: 4,5,6 and Variable:1 and DateParam: Day combinations.

      You  can see that the values are not one-one match between the tabular sheet and graph. For example: %Mix ( percent of total value for RmNts) for the first highlighted column =1.28% but on the graph it is 0.05. Same thing with the first value of the second %Mix highlighted( percent of total value for ADR):10.32% but the graph shows: 1.25.


      I tried different combinations with LODs and table calcs, but I am not seeing accurate values on the graph. Any thoughts here?