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    Date Histogram Questions: Fixed Window? Fiscal Year Labels?

    James Eichinger

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm sure there is some easy way to show this, but I haven't been able to figure it out. I have TWO questions that deal with a date histogram by month. Below is my current graphic:



      The first issue here is that I want to show the months going out until August 2017 (essentially this is an 18 month moving window- back three months and forward 15) . The lack of activity in that time period beyond December is as an important as the activity in the displayed months.


      The second question I have deals with the labels of the months. We work with a July-June Fiscal Year. It would be much more useful for the months to display as "Sep FY17" instead of "Sep-16". Any thoughts on how to do this?


      Thank you!