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    WDC timeout

    Brendan McGrane

      I have a WDC that takes about 1 minute to get the data back. It works when i run it in the SDK, but when i try to grab the data through the tableau desktop it times out at about 35 seconds. Does anyone have a workaround to this?

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          Brendan Lee

          Hey Brendan,


          There isn't a timeout set within Tableau Desktop that would cause this to happen on purpose.  Are there any error messages in the logs?  This video shows some helpful debugging tips and will show you how to get logs when your WDC runs in Desktop: Debugging Tips & Tricks - YouTube


          Another thing to try would be to use the new (but unsupported) developer debug mode for the WDC.  More details here: Debugging in the Simulator and Tableau


          -Other Brendan

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            Brendan McGrane

            Thanks Brendan L.,


            I have worked with the developer debug mode for the WDC, but has not helped. The code works fine in the simulator and we can retrieve our data but not when we call using tableau desktop. We are using an ajax call through jquery and as i said, the response from our API call takes about a minute (which is out of our control - Vendor API call) watching communication with the vendor server through Wire Shark we will see the GET request being sent.  After about 35 seconds we see the failure message on the Tableau Desktop


            tableau.headersCallback - No column headers returned. fieldNames or fieldTypes are empty


            Inside the ajax code, we fall into the error: section and printing the error to the tableau log we see the following messages


            Connection error xhr responseText: undefined  status:0 readyState: 0 statusText: Error: NETWORK_ERR: XMLHttpRequest Exception 101 Error: NETWORK_ERR: XMLHttpRequest Exception 101


            But watching the Wire Shark logs after about 60-70 seconds the data will return with a status code of 200 and all our data is present. I just can't figure out why the tableau desktop does not wait for the data to return


            We have other WDCs that we use and don't have any problems, but the data comes back within a few seconds on those. Any suggestions would be great.




            - Brendan M






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              Brendan Lee

              Hmm, that is very strange.  Thanks for the detailed info. Samm Desmond, could you weigh in here? Any ideas what could be causing this behavior?