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    Custom reference lines in two panes




      I have a question regarding custom reference lines, in my dashboard I have a worksheet displaying school participation rates for different countries and school levels, in this worksheet I would like to include the world average for the year selected. I was able to create a custom line for this average using a parameter, however it covers both sides of my chart, I need to have two custom reference lines showing different averages. For example, the world average of participation rates for primary school-aged children is different than that of secondary school-aged children. However right now it is showing as being the same (see screenshot below).


      I do not want it to calculate the average based on my data source as I do not have the numbers for all countries, only a select few. So it is necessary that I input the value needed to display the world average.


      How can I create two custom reference lines? One for the primary side of my table and the other for the secondary? As well as for the different years that I have in my filter (2012,2013,2014)?


      Please feel free to see my workbook here, https://public.tableau.com/views/unhcrworkbookaug/Dashboard1?:embed=y&:display_count=yes


      Thank you!


      reference line.png