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    Listing subscriptions for a Workbook\view

    Lee Forst

      I've been asked to provide in a published workbook the list of people who have subscribed to the workbook.  My thoughts are to add a data source to the PostgreSQL Workgroup database and filter the data for workbook name and then drop name of the person who has subscribed onto a sheet.  I poked around in the tables and views in the Workgroup database and I see where there appears to be some things that would help.  I would have thought the _subscriptions view would have been the thing to use, but it appears it doesn't always pickup things correctly.  Also, I was hoping for more friendly names (eg not URLs).  Has anyone done something similar to this?


      The idea here is to have managers see if people have subscribed and if not, get them to.  Also if a new user of the workbook sees a list of people who have subscribed, they can reach out to those people for help with the workbook.