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    calculated field based on groups?

    Jillian Lellis


      I am trying to create a percentage. I have data that specifies TYPE. Based on those types, i have created a group-- PAR visit and Not PAR visit. I want to create a calculated field based on that. what i want is % par which would be PAR VISIT/(Par visit + not par visit). See attached for what i did. I'm sure there is an easy way to do this...


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          Shinichiro Murakami



          You can do that with table calculation


          But if you need more complicated formula. I recommend that you create the calculated field as "Type".

          Because Group can not be used as a part of calculation.

          The "Case" is good for this ase I believe.



          case [T] // (???)not sure what is the original field of Type

          when "Customer Visit to Branch" then "PAR Visit"

          when "Internal Communication" then "PAR Visit"

          when "Job Site Visit then "PAR Visit"

          when "Meeting" then "PAR Visit"

          when "Office Visit" then "PAR Visit"

          when "Email" then "NON PAR Visit"

          when "Fax" then "NON PAR Visit"

          when "Email" then "NON PAR Visit"

          when "Left Message" then "NON PAR Visit"








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