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    Looking the Main Dashboard control  3 Dashboard view details

    Cristina Perez


      Could someone advise me how to do a couple of actions  correctly?

      By having One main Dashboard  that can control 3 Dashboard view details.

      The Main Dashboard has several sheets used to filters, this Main Dashboard has a reset button that allow to "show all the Values" when it is selected by the user.

      The motive is that  I am looking obligate users use first the Main Dashboard to be able to get data from the Dashboard view details.

      Each two sheets are pointing to one of the  Dashboard view details.

      but only the second sheet will access the Dashboard view details.(Second sheet has an action menu to target the Dashboard view details and select "Leave the Filter", with targeting all the Fields.

      However those 3 Dashboard view details have also a reset button and return to main Dashboard.



      The reset button from Dashboard view details is giving problem b/c if user clean the filters there  then allow user used the "filter actions" on that view ..I tried to exclude all values first but the reset again show all the data to allow filter




      all come from the same source data,

      the data is complete aggregate

      Tableau Desktop 10v