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    Tableau Virtual Classroom Training

    Colin O'Brien

      Hi Everyone,


      Very simple question; I'm sure I'm missing something obvious:


      Has anyone done Tableau Visual Analytics Virtual Classroom training? If so, how do I logon to the actual classroom?


      I cannot see instructions for this anywhere.




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          Matt Lutton

          Hi Colin,


          Are you registered for a course? Once registered, the Webex invite will be sent via Tableau's globalservices alias -- you can reach out to them if you have registered already but have yet to receive the info. Typically, the WebEx info isn't sent out until the week prior to a virtual course delivery, so if yours is coming soon, I'd expect the invite email to arrive soon. But again, email globalservicea@tableau.com if you have an existing registration that you'd like to inquire about -- that team handles all training logistics.


          Cheers and best wishes!

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            Patrick A Van Der Hyde

            It has been a few days without a response Colin so I have marked Matt's answer correct (Matt works on our training team).  If you should have a follow up question, please feel free to comment here and Matt and myself will be alerted.


            Thank you