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    Change Text color using Action?


      Hi All,


      Can I change TEXT color using Action? Scenario : I Have a bar chart Which is based on Sales in region. So when I click on bar chart for specific region I want to changes text (Region) according to it.


      Is it possible in tableau ?

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello HEMANG BHAVASAR,


          Thank you for posting this question.  There is not a specific color action that changes the color of text when a click occurs.  Is there an issue with the text as it appears on screen?  One other option would be to have an action open up a separate view based on the region selected and then format this differently. 


          If you have a Tableau workbook to share demonstrating the issue and maybe a picture or two to demonstrate how you think it might work better, this would help others to assist. 


          Best of luck