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    What is NT authentication and server run as user account

    Larsen Rennie



      Can somebody explain me the concept of NT authentication and server run as user account in simple layman terms. I am trying to understand the lines from the one of the KB article but not able to understand it practically . The lines are mentioned below


      Optional: Run As Account—A Run As User account for the Tableau Server service to run under is useful if you’re using NT Authentication with data sources or if you’re planning on doing SQL Server impersonation. For more information, see Run As User and SQL Server Impersonation.


      It will be a great help if somebody with some basic example can help me in understanding the above concept


      and in our organisation we are logging into the tableau server by putting the same credentials to logon to windows , so i just wanted to know what sort of authentications  we are using  because recently i have started tableau admin work in my organisation so these concepts are quite important for me to understand