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    Counting amount of invoice per customer

    Patrick Weber

      Hi to all Tableau experts :-)

      I have a problem which sounds very simple but I'm not able to solve it.
      I tried to count the amount of invoices for each customer.
      My worksheet has the following structure:
      column 1: customer
      column 2: invoice number

      column 3: revenues were only showed to check my filter conditions

      Filter: Only shows the value "1" of a calculated field which means the revenue of invoice is <400




      My aim is to get this view


      If I use the cound() function to count invoices per customer the results are wrong. It seems that Tableau always sum up the revenues and if
      the value is over 400 in total for each customer the whole dataset will be kicked out.


      I also tried to use my flag of the filter invoice is <400 in order to get a sum for each customer but it didn't work for me.


      Anyone ideas?


      Thanks in advance.