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    Assistance required with how to “RANK” my data by highest to lowest production months

    Lance Martens

      Hi All,


      I would appreciate any assistance with how to RANK my production data by respective month?



      • I have four years of production data
      • I have distributed the production data by month for each year
      • I created a Rank calculated field but my data does not want to populate 1 at the top down to last 48 “By Month”
      • My data also seems to be bound to stay within the respective years
      • It is highly probable that my “Rank LW” calculated field / logic is incorrect!


      Required: (two challenges)

      1. I need my production data to populate highest to lowest by respective month and not be grouped into years

         1 is the “Highest production month” in the four years at the top, and all the other months ranked down to “Lowest production month” last at 48


      2. Lastly, having a calculated field for a different worksheet that only displays the top 10 production months in the four year period would also be great



      My workbook is attached.


      Any assistance will be appreciated,