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    SAML Private Key

    Shivraj Rathore

      Hi All,


      I am configuring the SAML authentication for the Tableau server , I am not sure how to generate the SAML Key file .

      What I did was installed the PuTTYgen and generated the SSH-2 RSA private key but this file can only be saved as .ppk . Now I am not sure how to convert this to a .key file which can be used in Tableau SAML authentication ?

      And why do Tableau needs a .key file which is not password protected  ?




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          Clark Eklund

          HI Shivraj,


          The following Product Help link shows how to generate the private key and CSR for SSL, but these same certs could be used for SAML as well.  Tableau Server comes with OpenSSL so the example utilizes it to generate the key file and the CSR which you can then take to a CA for signing.




          In regards to why the key file needs to be non-password protected, I believe it has something to do with being unable to load the key into the java keystore since we do this automatically on startup and there would be no place to enter a password.


          If there are any issues once the key and cert are created with SAML, please feel free to reach out to our amazing Support team!

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