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    Add %age column

    Prem Kumar

      I want to add a %age column in the column shelf next to individual calculated values. 


      Please see that the On Time is a calculated field having Before, After & On Time column values with Forecast %age and the Forecast Value one below the other.  Is it possible to have the Forecast %age in the column fashion for every column.  That is,


      I want the Text Table to look like this.

      Quarter          Before     Before%     After     After%     On Time     On Time%

      Current Qtr     $54.73     38.12%     $88.85  61.88%

      Next Qtr          $7.82     1.63%         $52.69  11.01%     $418.20     87.36%

      Prior Qtr          $20.74     18.53%     $91.20     81.47%



      Can anyone please help me on this.