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    % Values are incorrect in Y-Axis

    Sriram Balasubramanian

      Hi Guys,


      I am pretty new to tableau. So this could be a basic thing. I have an bubble chart with "volume of requests" on the y-axis and "% On Time Rate" on the x axis. The on-time rate ranges from 0-100% and volume is 0 to 6000. Now, ideally, I want the On-Time rate on the y-axis. But if I swap the axes or move the calculations in the rows/columns section, the on-time rate axis goes to 140% and some of the bubbles fall at 140%, even though, in the tooltip I see the value as 100%.


      If I create a brand new chart with on-time rate in the y-axis, I still see the issue.


      Can someone help?