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    Ideas sharing: Tableau dashboards and data

    Steve Solun



      I think we all face data questions here, for example we all seek to show interesting dashboards, views etc in Tableau.



      Please reply to this post with your interesting dashboard with a couple of words describing:



      1) What it's intended to do/show?



      2) What data you are using?



      3) What questions you tried to answer?



      I hope it will generate a lot of ideas and collaboration here in the group.


      For example:
      I have an Oracle schema where I have a table containing all the data about scheduled tasks.
      I wanted to show people what is going on there, here is how I did it:
      1) Dashboard 1: Built a task type duration bar chart, using the execution dates on column shelf and task type duration on the rows.
      Added some nice filters and you can have a nice picture of task type analysis.
      2) To answer the question what is going on in the selected task type (contains multiple task id's) I have built Dashboard 2: Given the task type that makes the problem, I just show what task id's is responsible for the long duration.
      3) Dashboard 3: Gantt Analysis - what tasks run during 24 hours, during one day. To understand who is running in parallel.
      4) Dashboard 4: Predictions and trend lines for each task type/task id.
      5) Dashboard 5: Columns are the execution time, rows are the number of scheduled tasks executed. To see histogram of running tasks, to see what is the "hot" execution times, maybe we have a lot of issues there.