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    Why the Boolean calculation cannot be put as a filter?

    Shahirah Badrus



      I have a situation where my friend and I got a problem in doing the Boolean as a filter. I'll explain the scenario first. Both of us doing the same way on how to create the calculated field, and put the calculated field as filter. All the steps are exactly the same. But, it turn out that only my Boolean calculation worked as a filter and her Boolean calculation can't be put in the filter card.


      The only thing that make the difference between us are, our Tableau Desktop version. I'm using Tableau Desktop 9.3 while she is using Tableau Desktop 9.1. Does this problem related to the version?


      This is the calculation that we use to create a Boolean calculation. (Reference: Unable to Use Boolean Fields as Filters or Dimensions | Tableau Software )


      IF (ATTR([Status]) != (ATTR([2015 (status check)].[Status])))

      THEN 1

      ELSE 0



      Before that I'll explain what is this analysis is about. I'm using sample data set and modified based on my requirement.

      1- To check whether the status in 2015 and 2016 the same or not.

      2- If it is not the same, just show the different status between both year.


      I've attached the workbook here for more details on how we are created the analysis. This is my workbook which it turn out so well in applying the Boolean as a filter. If the problem is because of the version, is there any other way to do this status check?


      Thank you in advanced.