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    Action to filter Donut Chart

    Sunyang Fu

      Does somebody know how to create an action on the donut chart attached. I want to create an action to allow me to select the specific portion of the chart and drill down to the specific data I want. The format of the second action page could be detail view of a text table.



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          I think you need to do a few things.


          1) Make a new sheet that contains the detailed text view you want to filter down.


          2) Create a dashboard that contains the donut chart and your new view you want to filter down.


          3) On the top menu bar click Dashboard_ -> Add Action -> Filter

              a) For the source sheet chose the sheet with the donut

              b) For the target sheet choose the other sheet

              c) For target filters choose "selected values" then "add filter"

              d) then choose the field you want to filter on (probably customer segment in your example)

              e) i would also probably choose "on click" for run action on, and "leave all values" for :clearing the selection will"


          Attached is an example.

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            Sunyang Fu

            Hi Chris,


            I was able to create action drill if the donut is broken down by the segment. Could you take a look at the care I attached, which is break down by measure name. Is there any way I can create action drill on this case?



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              Y Lu

              hi Chris,


              have you found solution to get it sorted?


              i came across the exact same problem with the doughnut chart.