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    cascading filters but with lower level controlling upper level

    Nick Zhao

      Hello everyone,


      Attached is a scenario I built using sample superstore database.


      I am drawing SUM(Sales) with respect to Month and I am drawing by "subcategory".


      What I wish to achieve is two filters:


      The top filter is a filter for Category.


      The lower level filter is a filter for Subcategories. And once Category is chosen, only the relevant Subcategories are shown as options. Everything is trivial up to here. I know this could be done using "only shown relevant value". However, what I don't know how to achieve is this: the second filter, aside from containing the relevant subcategories, should have an "all" option. Once the "all" option is selected, ALL data (not only the ones restricted to the chosen Category) should be displayed. This effectively disables the top filter. (Actually, it would be better if the top filter can be automatically set to "All" as well if the lower level is set to "All". But I think I am asking too much.)


      To add the difficulty, while the top filter has a relatively fixed number of choices, the choices for the lower level filter can change from time to time.


      Can anyone help me?