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    Setting one filter based on the value of another

    Patrick Turner



      Let me thank everyone in advance. I'm just starting out with Tableau and this community has been a huge help for learning the nitty-gritty details of how things work and getting new ideas.


      My question is this, I have created a set of reports to show how different marketing programs are performing. Each report shows a breakdown of sales data and includes two filters. One for the list of customers that are targeted by the marketing program and a second one that selects the products included in that marketing program.


      So it works like this:


      Filter 1 selects the target list:


      Filter 2 selects the products: 


      What I'm looking to do is to link the values selected in Filter 2 to the value that is chosen in Filter 1.


      So, if I choose "Air Optix Sphere" in Filter 1 then the 4 Sub Brand products are automatically selected in Filter 2.


      I suspect I could do this with a calculation under Conditions in Filter 2 but I can't figure out what that calculation would be.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you!