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    Create a conditional filter based on an action?

    chanah stern



      I'm trying to create a scenario where I have a dashboard with one sheet that has aggregate information in a time series line chart (hour by hour for a given day) and another sheet that has more detailed information.  The time series chart contains cumulative information (running total) through the day so when the user clicks on a point in the line chart, I would like for the detailed chart to display information through the hour of the day corresponding to the point that was clicked.  For example, if the user clicks at 3 PM in the line chart, I want the detailed chart to display all detailed information through 3 PM, not just for 3 PM.


      I know I can't set a parameter value based on an action as a way of conditionally filtering the detailed page based on the click.  Would there be a way for me to create a conditional filter in the detailed page to the effect of:


      [hour] <= [hour that was clicked]


      In other words, is there a way to inspect the values that were clicked in the action?


      Any other ideas of how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated as well!