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    Error 406 connecting excel file using Tableau 10.0

    Miguel de la Hoz

      I am connecting an excel file using Tableau 10,0 according to manual however I get the following mistake


      Tableau Data Engine Error: 406: C:\Users\Elena\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp4293387B\SYS\SCHEMAPROPS\SCHEMAPROPS_VALUE.dict


      I tried closing tableau and creating a new excel file and still have the same error which is guite annoying since I can´t find the root cause to get it fixed, see below the error


      Tableau Data Engine Error: 406: C:\Users\Elena\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpA9BF90A2\SYS\SCHEMAS\SCHEMAS_NAME.data


      I share the excel file that I am using but it is coming from Tableau Web to make some practice


      do you have any idea here how I can get ths fixed? Any help will be much appreciated here




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