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    Hi, i need solutions for these questions

    Gireesh Reddy

      1)No.of sales using Bins of $1000,which bins have profit ratio's(profit as percentage of sales) less  than 5%?

      2)which two regions returned more than 15% of their distinct orders?

      3)For each year ,in which year were less than 50% of annual profits received by the end of August?





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          Carl Slifer

          Howdy Gireesh,


          It sounds like these might be prep questions for one of the Tableau exams or for a company's performance test.  It is quite difficult to assist in answering these questions without data to use so it would be helpful if you would provide a packaged tableau workbook (.twbx). Also many of the forum users here love to help but we necessarily don't enjoy just giving an answer and prefer to know what you've done so far that way we can explain what to do next. I can't speak for everyone of course but I personally prefer to know what you've attempted and what results you are getting. In doing this you allow me to teach you from that point and explain what the causes are for the failures and explain what not just what to click and how many times to drag something and where to put it but rather the concepts behind the scenes so that in the future you can be here and explain to others as well!


          Provide a sample workbook and some explanations of where you are having issues and myself or others will be happy to help.


          Best Regards!

          Carl Slifer


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            Luciano Vasconcelos

            See this one.

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              Gireesh Reddy

              Hi Carl,

                          I don't have workbook for these questions.These  questions are from certification(tableau qualifies associate desktop) exam as u said,which i wrote recently(anyway i failed with 61% ).I struggled to answer these,that's why i posted these questions here. Anyway i need logic behind it .Thanks for suggestions,waiting for solutions.





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                Ob I

                Hi Gireesh,


                I am also looking for solutions.. Could you please share if you have and aslo please send me your email id please.




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                  AnhVi Hoang

                  Here is a sample to answer to those questions assuming the data file is from Sample Super Store (my data may be from the wrong source because question 1 & 2 don't have specific answer)


                  1. None.

                    1.a Put the unique count in 1000K bin

                    1.b Create a formula Sum(Profit)/Sum(Sales) and drag it into label, this ratio will appear on top of each column of each bin


                  2. None the highest return rate is in Region West (1.55%) which is far away from 15%

                    Create a formula % return: Countd(Returns.Order ID)/Countd(Orders.Orders ID)


                  3. Result: except 2010, all other years until August, the running % line is below the 50% reference line.

                  The process is very similar to create a Pareto graph

                    3.a Create a column Profit Graph by Month (discreet)

                    3.b Drag the Profit again to the Row, click on the pill to create a Table Calculation  -- creating a running percent of profit)

                        3.b.1 Calculation Type: Running Total summarizing value using Sum Running along: Table (Across)

                        3.b.2 Check Perform a secondary calculation on the result

                        3.b.3 Secondary Type: Percent of Total Summary the value from Table (Across)

                  3.c Create a reference line = 50% of total profit: where the running % of profit intersects with the 50% reference line,

                  3.d Create another reference line = Aug for month axis (need to change Month to Continuous in order to add Reference line)

                  3.d. Drag the Order Date to Row to get separate graph for each year



                  Hope it helps.


                  Anh Vi Hoang