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    YTD excluding previous month and MTD using parameter

    Karthik Kasu

      Hey Guys,

      I used a parameter to throws month(while clicked on MTD) and year(while clicked on YTD). I use these outputs in datediff(parameter,[acq date],[max date])=0 to get YTD or MTD.

      Now my requirement has changed. When the user clicks on YTD it should filter and show Year to date values excluding current month and while clicked on MTD it should show MTD.

      I have a calculated field that shows YTD excluding current month(DATEDIFF('month',[Acq Date],[Maximum Date]) > 0 AND DATEDIFF('year',[Acq Date],[Maximum Date])= 0). But i don't know how to use that calculated field with the parameter. I used two calculated fields one that shows YTD excluding current month and MTD.

      I used case statement and if statement for above 2 calculations. It says that case or if statement cannot be used with boolean. Is there any other way that i can filter?

      Please help.

      Thank You