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    Identify the list of people reporting with help of vlookup

    Vishant Nayak

      Hi Team,


      I have list of resource names and respective manager names, I want to know how many employees are reporting and find the reporting line.


      Resource is termed as "R"


      For Ex: "R16 Reporting to R11" and "R11 Reporting to  R9" and "R9 reporting to R4" and "R4 Reporting to R1"

      If I filter R4 under manager filter,  then I would like to see 3 Resource under him ( R16, R11 and R9 ) since all these resource are under his group.


      Currently in the below attached file i can see only the resource directly linked to respective manager like if i filter R4 then I see only R9.


      Below attached the sample file.

      please advice.