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    Placing a set on a sheet with multiple fields pertaining to three joined databases




      I have been using the sets feature to analyze data based on standards( I use custom list for a grouping from a list creating an easy in/out reference to analyze on). This feature is very helpful, but when I join with multiple databases I cannot place a set on the sheet.


      Would anyone know how to place a set on a sheet that actively has three joins on it( and three values from 3 different sheets). The set is built on the corresponding database that solely has that field.


      Example of my use case:

      Take if a standard is six colors like blue. I create a set saying blue is in, therefore blue is in the set. I can exclude in and identify data that says red. With multiple joins I cannot even place the Set, it becomes shaded grey.


      I appreciate any help, this is my first post and I am new to the tableau community.