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    Apply Filter from Lookup Function to All Worksheets

    Todd Moses

      On a Data Grid report, I have created a filter based on a calculated field using the LOOKUP function.  The purpose is so that when the user selects/deselects one or more values in the filter, the subtotals for columns remain the same regardless of if all filter values are selected.


      I'd like to apply this filter to two worksheets so that I only have to display the filter one time after the two worksheets are combined in a dashboard.  The catch seems to be that calculated fields can not be used for "apply to worksheets  - all using this data source".


      I've tried using a parameter tied to this calculated field, but parameters don't let me select more than one value at a time.


      I've tried using a set from the calculate field, but the subtotals don't stay static.


      Is there any way to make this work?