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    Is it possible to append data from an Excel File to a database extract?

    Chrissy Scott

      HI All,


      My company is switching tools. But we need to carry forward the data from the old source for trending purposes. I've been trying for days to append the historical data to the new data source. It's been very inconsistent. Here's what has  been successful:

      1. Create an excel file of the old data.
      2. Connect to the old excel file, then create an extract of the Excel file
      3. Connect to ServiceNow tables (new source)
      4. Export the data to an Excel.
      5. Connect to the Excel version,
      6. Extract to the Excel version.
      7. Append the NEW data to the OLD data from file.


      For whatever reason, I can't append the old data to the new data.

      Sometimes I get the option to append from a data source. Why don't I see that consistently?


      Is anyone successfully using the Append Data function successfully? Any guidance?

      How would I refresh my data if the new data source is actually an Excel based on the data connection?


      Please... any advice... I'm going gray...




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          Hey Chrissy,


          For a while I had a similar issue where I would get an excel file every week that I had to append to old data. What I found was that the extract made subtle changes to dates and formatting that caused my data append to yield funky results. I added the data sources separately and looked at the underlying data to see this. I realized that I could make changes to each new excel file to make sure everything was exactly the same, or I could just append the data manually myself within the excel file and create a new connection then replace the old connection.


          I settled for the manual way. It's a bit more work but I don't run into any surprises when analyzing my data because I know exactly what I'm putting in. I'm sure plenty of people use appending without issue but with this one funky export, it was more trouble than it was worth for me.



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