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    Filtering Aggregate Calculate Fields Along Columns?

    Nathan Anderson

      Hi all,


      I know that the ideal way to do this would be through a larger database with different levels of granularity, but I'm working with aggregate data sent to me from HR.


      I have a dataframe with several columns:

        Column 1: date (by week)

        Columns  2-5: department (with number of  hires)

        Column 6: totals (across weeks)


      I've made a report that shows number of hires by week.  Instead of just looking at "total" values by week, I've created a calculated field that sums the values from columns 2-5. Without restructuring the source data, I'd like to provide a filter that can keep certain columns out of the calculated field.


      For example, the calculated field is something like SUM([Legal)]+SUM([Finance)]+SUM([IT)], etc., and the aggregate shows in the graph.


      Would it be possible to filter on columns in the calculated field?