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    Running Total/Grand Total Calculations

    Gemma Francisco

      Hi everyone!


      I've been using Tableau for a few months, and this is my first time posting a question. I hope it makes sense!


      I'm trying to create a report to show the average number of items sold by day and location. I'd like to use the Running Total feature to calculate the average. For instance, on the second day of the month, I'd like to total the items sold from the first and second days and divide it by the number of days that have elapsed.


      Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with the Running Sum Grand Total because it's summing across the table as well as down the table.


      Here is some additional information:

      Some days are not full working days: Saturday is a half day, and we are closed on Sundays and holidays, so I am also using a Running Sum of 'working days.'


      I found that if I remove Location from the columns, the Daily Average Sold calculates correctly because the Running Total isn't getting summed across two different locations. I think I can somehow piece these two worksheets together on a dashboard, but is there a different/better way to go about this?


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