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    LOD calculation not excluding filter selection

    Nathan Graham



      I have a set of survey data. The end users want a flexible report that allows them to select the question and answers combination. The user wants to the percentage of times a question was answered X.That would mean,


           Count([Sr Answer]) / Total (count([Sr Answer])).


      The problem is the filters the user is using makes the "Total" part of the above calculation result change. I do not want the total calculation part of the formula to change based on the user selection. The total number of rows/records should not change. To get around this I've tried to use a Line of Detail (LOD) calculation for the Total.


           {exclude [Sr Answer]:SUM([Number of Records])}.


      This should provide me the total rows/records, ignoring the filter selection of the user. But its not....and I'm not sure what else is need to fix it.


      Using a specific example from the twbx; 

           Filters: Complete Date = 7/1 -7/31/16, Question # = "4"

           Tower DSS, has 4 survey's with a 'Sr Answer' of "1".

           Tower DSS has 33 total surveys with a 'Sr Answer' of  "1" thru "5"

           That is 4/33 = 12%. Or 12% of the surveys for Tower DSS, have an answer of "1"


      Can anyone help me get the report to show the 4 and 33 at the same time, while also allowing the user to select multiple Sr Answers?