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    Ideas for interesting valuable analysis in Tableau

    Steve Solun

      Hello Experts,


      I work as a business analyst in a financial organization.


      We have a huge system on board called Calypso - that deals with trades/quotes/analysis etc.


      For example I have built scheduled tasks analysis dashboards showing:


      1) Task type duration across the time.

      2) With given problematic task type (high time duration) I have a task id duration across time.

      This second dashboard shows me for given task type all the task id's. I can now choose the one that makes the trouble.

      3) Task duration predictions.

      4) Parallel tasks across one specific date (gantt analysis who is running in parallel).


      Now I have trades table, quotes table and some other tables.

      For the trade table I have trade id, book, product, trader, legal entity ....

      For the quotes table I have quote name, quote set name, value (bid/ask/close ...)


      I wanted to ask you experts to give me some magic ideas to show the magic of data.

      I will be happy to answer you any question if additional info is needed.


      Meanwhile I did:


      1) Trade ID's per book/counterparty ....

      2) Per book, product, product subtype give me the number of trades per each trader.

      3) In the quotes field - show the behavior of bid/ask/close quote values over time.


      Anything else you suggest me to show? Please be creative and if it's complicated describe how can I do this.