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    Grouping and Displaying by different variables

    Sushant Nayak

      Hi All,


      I am trying to bucketize clients for each particular trade month based on their cumulative gross brokerage beginning from their month of activation up to the particular trade month.


      So, what I have done so far is the following--


      1.Calculate the sum of gross brokerage based on the BA Code, Trade Month and Date of Activation.

      2.Next create a calculation that computes the running sum.

      3.Further I have created the field Gross Brokerage Buckets which according to the running sum for gross brokerage categorizes it in the appropriate bucket for each particular trade month.


      What I want to be displayed is the distinct count of BA Code for each individual bucket in each trade month. This should look like the "BA Code Count Non-cumulative" sheet. However, what I get when I do the bucketization based on cumulative gross brokerage is the "BA Code Count Cumulative" sheet.



      Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated!