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    Convert sys id list into name list?

    Chrissy Scott

      Hi All,


      So I have a field that lists Sys ID values, separated by columns. Like this:

      Each of those Sys IDs represents a line of business (LOB). Like this:


      Global Shareholder Servicesca71e63813af52009e0ad7b2e144b03c
      High Net Worthd371e63813af52009e0ad7b2e144b071
      Human Resourcesd271e63813af52009e0ad7b2e144b048


      How do I create a calculated field that will allow me to represent the listed LOBs? So in the first image, how do I get line three to read "Global Shareholder Services, Investment Management" ? The contains function gets me started, but... Do I have to list every possible combination (there are 21 individual items in this list)?